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August 13 - 14

Visit Wareham, Wareham Rugby Club

Medium Hrafnslith See as VCal

Come see a Viking/Saxon encampment, see crafts, smell the cooking & talk to the ladies & warriors about life in the years of King Alfred. Hear the stories from hero's defending Wareham camp is open from 10am -5pm

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875AD. siege of Wareham Venue Wareham Rugby club, Bestwall Rd, Wareham BH20 4HY

Set up from late afternoon Friday 12th Aug till Sunday 14th, We are part of a bigger music festival but we will have our own arena (2 slots) for a show & tell & a large skirmish, we can also use it for all day training. We are open from 10am -5pm, there is a beer tent & music at night. Wareham as you all know is 6 miles from Corfe Castle so this will be a good reminder to them that we are still here, ready for next season. Wareham rugby club is 5min walk to the centre of town for all supermarkets & take aways. The address for the event is Wareham rugby club is Bestwall Rd, Wareham BH20 4HY If you wish to attend call, txt, email tony 07790224308 or

For those who have never been to corfe here is the back story Anglo Saxon England suffered under constant threat of invasion from northern European Viking Norsemen. By the 9th century the kingdoms of East Anglia, Mercia and Northumbria had fallen and Wessex was the lone surviving Anglo Saxon stronghold against the Vikings. Fortunately, a man called Alfred became King of Wessex in 871. In 875 AD a Viking army of around 2000 men marched from East Anglia to sack the Saxon town of Wareham. To add to the threat a large Viking army of 120 ships had sailed into Poole bay, only a short trip up the Frome river to Wareham. The town was then occupied for many months until King Alfred managed to muster enough forces to outnumber the Viking army, and he offered their leader, Guthrum, a deal. The Vikings had to swear an oath to leave Wessex, agreeing to an exchange hostages to seal the deal. However the treaty was soon broken and the hostages killed. The Vikings managed to escape, under the cover of darkness, making for Exeter.

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August 13 - 14

Fort George, Near, Ardersier, Inverness IV2 7TD

Minor Glasgow See as VCal

Large multi period event. With historical encampments and combat.

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Mostly LH camping plastic tents up and down. Fort George, Near, Ardersier, Inverness IV2 7TD

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August 13 - 14

Fonman Castle

Medium Blaeddau Du See as VCal

Come to Fonmon Castle for an amazing day out for all the family.

You will see how the Welsh and Vikings lived and traded in c950. What happened when the Saxons want a piece of the action? Will the Welsh with the Vikng allies drive off the Saxons or will the Saxons win the day ... come and see the spectacle!

There will be so many displays of living history, including cookery, woodwork, fabric dyeing, games and story telling. Everything you will see is accurate to the time period, backed up by archeological finds so we entertain and educate in a relaxed and fun environment.

So come along and join the fun, as it one you will not want to miss.

Members Information

Come to Fonmon casle ( 14c fortifide manor house ) its going to be the next one thats only going to get bigger and better . so put it on your callendar .

at Fonmon they have built a reconstuction of a medeval village with houses and a church and a big set of gates with towers ether side !!!

the show plan is Welsh with Viking alis vs Saxons ;-)

theres a permanent beer tent and food tents on site , flat plasti , loads of parking space .

the site is set up with reenactment in mind so its perfect for us , only neg in this amazing site is the fact that they have livestock on the land so very sorry but no dogs on site and that includes the public .

in the village we'll be doing the viking games so let me know on the day if you want to do strongman comp and weve now got a tug o war rope so let the fun begin .

the address is Fonmon,Vale of Glamorgan,South Wales,Barry ,CF62 3ZN

the show will be run on normal vike with skermesh at 11 and main battle in the afternoon and all others displays going on from 10am till 5

the site is not close to shops so bring food and drink with you but there a permanent BEER TENT and food court on site.

there plastic dinosurs on the estate grounds they cost a packet so please dont climb on them when drunk this is a big no no ,im not joking ( not that you would think such a thing but theres always one )

If you want any more info then call Ru on 07786480887 or fb messager Blaedau du or email

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August 14

Stafford Castle

Medium Y'Ddraig See as VCal

See The Vikings at Stafford Castle - for one day only!

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Set-up only Sat 13th (late afternoon/evening) Show Sunday 14th, 10 til 4. Contact Warwick Kinrade if you'd like to come, camping space is very limited. Day trippers welcome.

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August 20

Lanivet Village Green

Minor Morvleydh See as VCal

Morvleydh will be bringing the 10th Century to life this summer at Lanivet!

We will have a Living History encampment recreating the life and times of those who lived in the village over 1000 years ago. Come see how Cornish, Saxon and Vikings lived, traded and fought in this exciting period.

We will also be giving a talk on the Lanivet Hogback, a unique Viking-Age stone memorial in the Parish Churchyard. We will go through what makes the stone so important, what it tells us about the people living in Lanivet when the Church was first established in the 10th Century and we will also recreate two possible burials using our reenactors.

This event is free to attend but is being put on to help fund repairs to the roof of the Parish Church, any and all donations to this cause are appreciated!

Members Information

The Parish Chruch of Lanivet hosts the Lanivet Hogback stone, one of the most important Viking-Age monuments in Conrwall and a rare example of a hogback grave this far South.

The church itself is currently fundraising for extensive repairs to the roof and Morvleydh are supporting by providing a one day show to help raise funds for the repair.

The show itself will take place on Lanivet village green which has parking next to it. If you put the Post Office into your sat nave you should see the green as you approach : Clarence House, Truro Rd, Lanivet, Bodmin PL30 5HF.

We will have our LHE setup from around 9.30 until 5. There is no camping at this event as it is only a single day. If travelling from up country and wanting to stay in Cornwall the night before/after please get in touch with John Fletcher or Lew Squires-Hand and we can try and sort something out for you.

We will run a full program of arena events and additionally will do a grave reconstruction next to the Hogback itself, laying out what a Christian Unfurnished burial may have looked like as well as a Hiberno-Norse furnished burial.

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August 20

Allendale Country Show

Minor Nord Idan See as VCal

Come and see the Nord Idan group's display at this Country Fair

Members Information

Small country show. Nord Idan will have a living history set up and a small combat arena

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August 27 - 29

Whitby Abbey

Major Amounderness See as VCal

The Vikings are back at Whitby Abbey this August Bank Holiday weekend. Come and see the sack of this early medieval monastery by the invading Norsemen.

A huge Viking land army have taken over York in 866 at the very start of the 20 years of civil war that led to the Danelaw treaty. Part of this army are now looting Saxon strongholds and subduing local resistance to consolidate their rule of the North. Come and face our marauding Vikings as they continue their wave of terror along the north east coast. Explore their encampment and witness spectacular displays of combat. Hear tales of daring conquests and learn about the weapons and skills which made the Vikings feared throughout Europe. There will even be a chance for your young warriors to learn some battle skills and take part in their own Viking skirmish!

Members Information


This is a standard society major event over three days of the August Bank Holiday weekend. Note that the event is on every day ; there is no set up day. The event is intended to be a repeat of the previous events that were also over the BHW. This information is correct as of 20th July ; things may change. If you need to know anything specific then check on this website etc before the event, and/or on the notice boards at the event.

Site map: If the link doesn't work go to the DocStore > LHE and find Whitby Plan


General access to the site is allowed from noon Friday till 11:00 AM Tuesday. Do not arrive before noon on Friday and please leave site before 11:00 AM on Tuesday.

Showtime : The site opens to public at 10:00 AM all 3 days at which time our performance begins with the LHE fully authentic. As usual please aim to be authentic at least 15 minutes and preferably 30 minutes before opening.

The show closes at 5:00 PM so you are technically not performing after that time. However. The site is open to the public till 6:00 PM so whilst we are not reenacting we are required to be authentic during this period. Camps should stay authentic ; no modern camping chairs etc. If you want to go completely off duty then get changed out of your period costumes.

At close of play remember that you cannot bring vehicles onto the LHE. All vehicles must remain in the car parks adjacent to the plastic-camp at the south-east corner of the site for the entire duration of the event. Once the event is finished on Monday afternoon cars will not be allowed back onto the LHE to load up until the public have all gone or the site closes at 6:00 PM. Do not assume that you will be allowed on site before 6:00 PM.


The timeline for Whitby is the recorded Viking raid in 870.

The village is essentially Saxon. Re authenticity : spectacle Gjermundbu helms are allowed for Viking raiders only please : NO RUSS COSTUMES allowed ; No Dane-axes during the scripted battles.

This is not a sea raid. A huge Viking land army have taken over York in 866 at the very start of the 20 years of civil war that led to the Danelaw treaty. Part of this army are now going round looting Saxon strongholds and subduing local resistance to consolidate their rule of the North. In the same ‘tour’ in 870 they also hit Tynemouth and other monasteries ; so the locals knew what was coming and presumably put up some sort of defence.

So this is Viking land army raiders v Saxon locals defending the Abbey of Streoneshalh with a timeline of 870 ; noting that the Vikings win the scripted battle. We know that there was a Saxon village around the outside of the Abbey grounds, mainly to the East, and which has since quite literally fallen off the cliff. There are artefacts from this site on display in the visitor centre.

As further background information the Abbey was a Northumbrian royal family founded establishment and had been in operation for several hundred years. This is the site of the famous Synod of Whitby in AD 664 where Bede records that the method of calculating when Easter happens in the calendar was agreed. With such a historic background the Abbey would have been quite wealthy and a prime target for the Vikings. The place was however raided before in 867 when we think Ivor The Boneless sacked the monastery. This second raid was probably carried out because the Abbey successfully hid some of their treasurers to remain operational after the first attack.


09:30 - LHE etc authentic / all vehicles off site Saturday

10:00 - * Event starts : LHE opens to public 10:00 - Warrior training in the arena (this is primarily for us and not the public)

10:45 - Muster for skirmish

11:00 - * Skirmish

11:30 - * Training Circles (last-man-standing circles, hunting packs, and similar)

12:00 - * Kiddie Vike in the main arena

12:30 - Arena lunch break (1 hr) 12:30 - * Acting (in LHE ?)

13:30 - *Weaponry displays (including archery if weather and arena permits)

14:00 - *Hrothgar’s story (or similar ; its billed as Hrothgar’s)

14:30 - *Kiddie Vike in the main arena

15:30 - Muster for main battle

15:45 - *Main battle (followed by refight(s))

17:00 - Event closes : LHE closes to public but stay authentic

18:00 - Site closes - LHE etc in-authentic

Note that only the items marked with a * star have been advertised in the event programme. There are other timetabled events for Saga telling at Russell Scotts longship at 10:30, 13:00, and 15:00.



The site is on a high promontory to the south of and overlooking the town of Whitby and only about 200 metres from the cliff edge. The easiest way to get to the Abbey is to use Hawsker Lane that approaches the Abbey from the South-East. This road becomes Abbey Lane as it runs alongside the abbey grounds.

If arriving from the North follow the A171 through the town ; do not go into the town centre, follow the by-pass signs South. Travel about 2 miles South out of the town till you get to the end of Hawsker Lane. Turn left into the lane. If arriving from the South then you will be traveling North on the A171 ; go North till you get to the end of Hawsker Lane. Turn right into the lane.

The Abbey is well signposted at the end of Hawsker Lane. For further identification there is a Cycle hire shop right next to the junction.

Note that Hawsker Lane is a B road and is not very wide in places. Take care if you have caravans with you, however, there are commercial caravan sites along the lane so it is perfectly usable for caravans.

You approach the Abbey from the South East. Immediately before the Abbey there is a huge public car park. This is pay and display so do not use it unless you are happy to pay. At the South-East corner of the Abbey site, and only 50m or so from the end of the Abbey’s boundary wall (and the car park entrance) is a gate into the Abbey grounds.

This is the entrance for all Vikings for LHE and plasticamp. We are advised that there will be 24 hr security on the gate, so you may need your membership cards to prove who you are for access.

Please note that the turn in is very tight for those with caravans and trailers. In the past we have had to unhitch and manhandle larger caravans around the corner and then re-hitch to tow into the site.

There is a visitor centre that is the main pedestrian public entrance that is approached via the famous 199 steps up from the town to the North. There is a second entrance to the south boundary off the public car parking area. We should not use these gates as they may be manned by contract staff who might not allow entry without payment.

CAMPING GENERALLY : Camping is allowed from noon Friday till 11:00am Tuesday in both LHE and plasti-camp.

MODERN CAMPSITE : Plastic camping including caravans is within the Abbey grounds on the left immediately through the access gate. There are no restrictions on plastic camping - you need not pre-book. Note plastic camp is to be kept quiet after dark. NO OPEN CAMP FIRES ARE ALLOWED IN PLASTIC CAMP. Gas stoves and/or barbecues etc are OK. Please camp in neat rows and do not waste space. The area is not large. Please bring small tents if you have a choice. All camping must be to the left/south of the site access track, and cannot extend further than the public entrance and path from the car parks. You may be given specific instructions by the gate security guards.

LHE : The authentic campsite is in the Abbey ruins, primarily on the high ground to the East of the Abbey Church. Turn right where the paths cross about 75m into the site. The path right takes you to the top of the church and directly into the LHE. Take care when crossing the site as it will be open to public and the tracks can be rough and narrow in places. All LHE must be pre-registered. Once on site follow the directions of the person in charge. This will be someone from the LHE team till Steven Lines arrives.

BATTLEFIELD : The battlefield is to be located to the East side of the Abbey Church so effectively right next to the LHE. There is a route through the Abbey directly from the LHE so one army can muster in the church and enter to the South-West end of the battlefield, presumably the Vikings, whilst the Saxon locals can muster in the LHE and enter from the East end of the field. The Battlefield is not huge so fighting in ranks may be required. Also note that the battlefield might not have had the grass mown. Archery will depend on the weather and at the discretion of the EH Events Team.

WARNING : DEEP WATER : Please note that between the plasticamp and the Abbey Church there is a large deep pond that used to be the Abbey fish farm. This has reeds etc. growing around the outside so the edges can be concealed and hard to identify. Please take care around this water feature. Parents should be aware in case children go to play near the pond.

FACILITIES : Plasticamp portaloos and the refuse skip will all be located near the vehicular entrance, probably to the right hand side as you enter. Water for everyone is to be obtained from a tap near the pedestrian gate at the west end of the battlefield. This is some distance for plasticamp but this cannot be avoided. The water is off a mains supply but it is not well used so please boil all water before drinking. Portaloos for the LHE are usually located near the end of the paved access path at the east end of the LHE. These locations may change. During the day the public toilets in the visitor centre are available ; the visitor centre is to the south-west of the LHE through the church and across the cloister green. There is a site cafe within the visitor centre for those wanting a short break (also with toilets) but you need to leave the 'paid' area to get to the cafe so take your membership cards with you. Due to the number of public who now attend in costume EH have started to check membership cards even for people in period clothing. Fully doused fire/barbeque ashes and rubbish from both LHE and plasticamp is to be put into the skip at the vehicular entrance. Firewood will be delivered to somewhere near the LHE but we do not know exactly where ; last year there were separate sling bags that were dropped in different locations.

ANIMALS : Normal EH rules apply in the Abbey grounds including the plastic camp. Dogs etc are permitted providing that they are on a lead at all times and that owners clean up after them. Note that even after hours you should not allow dogs to roam free. If you want to let them loose then go outside the Abbey grounds.

PARKING : All cars must be parked in or adjacent to the plastic camp ; follow the security guards and/or site staff instructions if given. You cannot leave your car at your LHE tent due to a lack of space, and you cannot bring them back to the LHE at night. Cars must not be left within the ruins overnight on any evening. Do not park in the tourist car park unless you also pay and display, otherwise you will get a parking fine. The in-site car parks are likely to be very full. If you need to use the car over the weekend make sure it isn’t parked where it will be boxed in. If you don't need your car please volunteer to get boxed in. Also please leave sufficient width on the access roads and especially at corners for emergency vehicles.

EVENING ACCESS : After public hours access to and from the site will be via the main vehicle access as above. For those wanting to go into town on foot there is a pedestrian gate just to the west of the end of the Abbey Church but we do not know if this will be in use. Do not assume that we can use it.

GETTING INTO TOWN : On foot the only option for getting into town is to use the 199 steps that run from the end of Dracula’s church yard (to the north of the Abbey) right into the centre of the town. This is a bit of a climb to get back up to the Abbey. If you do not want to climb the stairs then you can take cars into town. There are however limited places to park and they are all pay and display. Do not park outside the station thinking that it is the free supermarket parking area or else you will be clamped with a huge fine. Taxis would be an obvious alternative.

LOCAL AMENITIES : Just like any other town Whitby has lots of shops and pubs etc. Being a tourist centre at the coast it also has dozens of fish+chip shops, however, staunch vegetarians beware because the all use beef dripping to fry with. If you want to shop without going into the town centre then there are shops etc on the bypass through the west edges of the town. There is however no shops etc. within easy walking distance. There is a micro-brewery with its own pub area right next to the site on Abbey Lane for those wanting to go to the pub without going into town. Please check when the brewery is open as it has odd opening times.

HOSPITALS : Whitby Hospital is only a few miles away by road and has a minor injuries and urgent care unit but it is not 24hrs. Opens 8am till 11pm. Contact : 01947 604851 Address : Springhill, Whitby YO21 1EE. The closest full A+E department is at Scarborough that is about 16 miles South on the A171 ; this will take 30 minutes to get there due to countryside roads. Also expect further delays due to traffic over the bank holiday weekend. Contact : 01723 368111 Address : Woodlands Drive, Scarborough, YO12 6QL.

PUBLIC TRANSPORT : Anyone wanting to get to the Abbey by public transport should first consider getting to Whitby itself by rail. There is a station in the middle of the town on the north of the river. Trains to Whitby connect to the national rail network at Darlington. Getting from the station to the Abbey can be either taxi from the rank outside the station, or else the no. 97 or 97A bus that run approx every 40 minutes (reduced service on Sundays and BHs). Final option is that the Abbey is within walking distance of the station and is well signposted, but you will need to climb the 199 steps.

MEMBERSHIP CARDS : We strongly recommend that you carry your membership card with you at all times if you are not going to be in costume. Because of the way entry to the Abbey works EH check all tickets at the entrance gate. If you are not obviously part of the show, i.e. in costume, and you do not have a ticket or a society membership card then you may be refused admission. Due to the number of public who also turn up in costume EH have started checking membership cards even for those in costume. Also noting that there is another multi-period event being held over the road so there will be people in costume who are not members. We are also advised that there will be a security guard on the rear gates to prevent unpaid entry at this point. As such all ways into the Abbey will be controlled during show times. As noted above the main gate also has 24 hr. security so membership cards may be needed after hours.

In case any of the above changes : Please see Vmail updates nearer the event and as usual please check the notice board at the event itself.

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August 27 - 29

Hever Castle

Medium Spears of Andred See as VCal

Visit Hever Castle’s history event and immerse yourself in different periods in history with encampments, re-enactments and stalls. The Vikings will be there with arena events and a small encampment.

Members Information

We return to Hever Castle once more a relaxed show in beautiful Kent near London. Please contact to register if you would like to join us here

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September 03

Rhubarb Farm, Langworth

Minor Danelaw See as VCal

Join Danelaw and guests at the village show at Rhubarb Farm, Langworth. Relaxed minor show, normal fete events, playground for the kids and kiddie Vike fir the adults!!!! Phone Nigel Tate if you fancy a trip out or more details. 07767 360754

Members Information

Minor show at Rhubarb farm, Langworth.

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September 03

Warhorns Festival 2022

Minor Hammer Horde See as VCal

Hammer Horde will join an epic line up of bands at the mighty Warhorns Late Summer Festival 2022- Combat, living history, and heavy metal!!!

Members Information

Hammer Horde will join an epic line up of bands at the mighty Warhorns Late Summer Festival 2022- Combat, living history, and heavy metal!!!

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September 03 - 04

Chirk Castle

Medium Cwmwd Ial See as VCal

A welcome return to this popular event commemorating the Battle of Crogen c.1165 - a highpoint in the struggle between the Welsh Princes and the Angevins (Henry II). The initial clashes in the campaign took place somewhere in the grounds of Chirk Castle estate next to Offa's Dyke. Watch the battle then visit our encampment, set in beautiful parkland scenery in the shadow of the castle

Members Information

Chirk Castle - National Trust.

Our 4th year and a welcome return to this popular event commemorating the Battle of Crogen c.1165. A highpoint in the struggle between the Welsh Princes and the Angevins (Henry II). The initial clashes in the campaign took place somewhere in the grounds of Chirk Castle estate next to Offa's Dyke.

2 day event, LHE and modern camp, battle, court scenes etc. set in beautiful parkland scenery in the shadow of the castle, Setup on the Friday. We have invited a number of guest medieval groups who are helping with the Angevin army; Les Milles de Marche, Albini Household, Stronghold - all groups that the Vikings are familiar with.

Note on kit: Good Hastings kit is acceptable, more detail to follow.

Further details to follow.

Contact Steve Antrobus, Cwmwd Ial

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September 10

Victoria Park, Stretford, Manchester

Minor Ydalir See as VCal

Victoria Park is in Stretford (M32 8DQ). The event runs from 12 to 4 pm, we can access the site from 10 am. There is a cafe on site, toilets are in the same building. Please do not bring tents unless agreed beforehand, the site is not huge. You can bring cars in to the park to unload/load, but must park outside. Access is opposite 110 Victoria Road. Once unloaded, suggested parking is on Pritchard Street. We propose to have the arms and armour & individual fights at 12.30, main battle at 3pm.

If you can bring warriors or some portable LH, you'll be very welcome. We can probably find you a place to display in one of our tents. Bring a drinking cup. There's a possibility of some stew, so bring a bowl and spoon.

Members Information

Victoria Park is in Stretford (M32 8DQ). The event runs from 12 to 4 pm, we can access the site from 10 am. There is a cafe on site, toilets are in the same building. Please do not bring tents unless agreed beforehand, the site is not huge. You can bring cars in to the park to unload/load, but must park outside. Access is opposite 110 Victoria Road. Once unloaded, suggested parking is on Pritchard Street. We propose to have the arms and armour & individual fights at 12.30, main battle at 3pm

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September 10 - 11

Hogmoor Inclosure, Hogmoor Road, Whitehall, Bordon, Hampshire. GU35 9HN

Minor Manaraefan See as VCal

LHE and plastic camps can set up from 3pm 09.09.22 Access via established paths throughout site, cars parked away from LHE. Be aware of shallow natural ponds on site including one in children's play park (a distance from LHE and plastic) therefore all children MUST have adult supervision when attending said play park.

Consession stalls on site and Tesco short walk away. Cafe Hogmoor on site opened at 7am last year to provide re-enactors with bacon butties and coffee/tea.

Gates to site locked at 10pm, but a key holder will be onsite 24hrs.

‘The Shed’ which is a community area of several food outlets and a bar. This is also 10 min walk away. No pubs, just "The Shed'

Dogs will be allowed on site but must be kept on the lead at all times and owners must clear up waste produced.

Post code does not get you all the way to the site so a map will be provided to those registering to attend event.

Members Information

Set up on site from 3pm 09.09.22 Map to be provided as Post code does not get you all the way to the site. Also document with site safety protocols in an emergency.

Hog moor Inclosure, Hog moor Road, Whitehall, Bordon, Hampshire. GU35 9HN

First aid kit and throw bag (water safety) in Group Leader's tent.

Kiddi-vike and 'Have a go archery' in the arena as well as weapons display and 'battle' (circle of treachery/honour).

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September 11

Hertford Castle

Minor Wryngwyrm See as VCal

In conjunction with the National Heritage Weekend programme, the lawn will host medieval encampments, bouncy castles, historical information stalls and birds of prey.

You will have the opportunity to be a real-life Viking wielding the bow and arrow at the Archery Workshop.

The performance arena will return with a programme that’ll have you at the edge of your seat; hosting Viking battles, re-enactments, storytelling, and falconry displays!

Don’t forget to head inside the Castle to explore the original parts of the building, including the robing room, and then head down to the basement to check out the themed rooms.

This event is free of charge, but donations are welcome, raising money for the Mayor of Hertford’s Charity.

Members Information

A small, very well attended, one day event. We have 3 Living History structures and do 2 30 minute arena slots. Contact me if you'd like to attend: circejd [at]

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September 17 - 18

A Festival for Pagans and Witches

Medium Ardenweard See as VCal

A Festival for Pagans & Witches, The Heart of England Conference and Events Centre, Fillongley, Warks, CV7 8DX

A Weekend filled with workshops, market village, ritual, activities and performances including The Vikings Ardenweard group.

Members Information

After a fantastic show in May, we are back again at this amazing venue for a lovely event. Friendly and welcoming, a lovely relaxed show.

Living History Village, battles, kiddie vike, storytelling and acting. Whatever you want to do. Skalds and Bards come and entertain the folk at the Viking Feast on Friday night - you may even get fed! Plenty of stalls, activities (pre-book on website), and food outlets.

Plastic camping available, dogs welcome - usual rules apply. Child friendly, with bookable kids activities on the website.

Heart of England Centre, Meriden Road, Fillongley, Warwickshire CV7 8DX

Cafe, Bar and Restaurant on site.

Huge grassy field for the event, a lake with pedal boats, gorgeous woods with dinosaurs and aliens....

What more could you ask for?

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September 24

Fairfield Community Apple Day

Minor Wryngwyrm See as VCal
NOTE : This event has NOT been risk-assessed and does NOT appear on the public list(s)

!!No info!!

Members Information

One day local community event with apple picking and crushing, stalls etc. Two half an hour arena slots. No camping. 12.30pm-4.30pm Fairfield Community Hall, Kipling Crescent, Fairfield, Bedfordshire, SG5 4GY.

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September 24 - 25

Greenfield Valley Heritage Park

Minor Cwmwd Ial See as VCal

The Vikings will be present at this multi-period event in the grounds of the Greenfield Valley Heritage Park, Basingwerk Abbey, Holywell with both combat displays and a living history encampment.

Members Information

Small Multi Period 2 day show in the grounds of the Greenfield Valley Heritage Park, Basingwerk Abbey, Holywell.

LHE Camp, combat display, modern campsite.

Space is a little limited for LHE camp owing to Multi Period. Please book in advance if you wish to setup in this area.

Further details to follow.

Contact Steve Antrobus, Cwmwd Ial.

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September 24 - 25

St James Park & The peoples park, Grimsby

Medium The VikingsUK See as VCal

!!No info!!

Members Information

THIS IS A Society MEDIUM show,

We have just been invited to join Regia in a new show to celebrate Grimsby's significant Viking Heritage and specifically its connection to the early English legend, Havelok the Dane. The committee has secured lottery funding which will secure the event for this year & next year. We have been offered the Grimsby minister/ St. James square area for our L.H & any overflow L.H will go to the 2nd location "The people's park " just down the road. This 2nd location is where the battlefield will be at 6pm on the Saturday & 2pm on the Sunday. Which leaves an arena at the St James square free for all day fighting/training. There will be a parade which we hope you'll join in with which will lead back to St James Park (our L.H) Being in the town center security is top priority & we have been guaranteed fencing & 24hr security & fencing The committee is also organising a market for this event too, so you can do some shopping too. The show is about the founding of Grimsby by Havelock the Dane & Grimm. More information will be available, when the site visit has been done.

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October 15 - 16

Battle of Hastings

Major Hrafnslith See as VCal
NOTE : This event has NOT been risk-assessed and does NOT appear on the public list(s)

!!No info!!

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GENERAL ******* (Some of this information may change and will be updated when we receive it)+++++

Plastic Camp will be in the same place as previous years. Saxon and Norman camps will also be in the same place. Registration will be at the top of the battlefield again this year at Event Control - same as the last two years (and not in the plastic camp).

1066 Battle of Hastings Abbey and Battlefield, High Street, Battle, East Sussex, TN33 0AD Follow A21 from M25 or M20. Or via Rye A259. Please follow yellow AA signs and make your way to your correct gate, via Powdermill Lane entrance The site layout is the same as previous years.

Arriving on-site Performers and Re-enactors may arrive any time from 12pm on Fri 8 October. • If you are camping as Living History please enter the site via Gate 1 (on the corner of Powdermill Lane, see performers' map) where a member of staff will direct you to your encampment area. Once unloaded we ask you to move your vehicle as soon as possible off the battlefield to the event car park via Gate 2 (0.7 miles down Powdermill Lane from Gate 1).

If you are camping in the modern plastic campsite please enter the site via Gate 2 (0.7 miles along Powdermill Lane from Gate 1) where a member of staff will direct you to the campsite and parking. Once unloaded we ask you to move your vehicle as soon as possible off the campsite to the event car parking.

If you are performing in the Main Abbey Site please arrive via the Gatehouse (Gate 4) and make yourself known to a member of staff. A member of the Event Team will then meet you to steward your vehicle to your set-up location. Please then move your vehicle to the performer parking area, accessed via Gate 2. Please note: the Main Abbey Site will be open to the public on Friday, please take great care when driving and setting up on site. All participants must have arrived and set up by 9.00am on Saturday. Please unload as quickly as you can and remove your car to the participants' car park. Signing In and Wristband Collection Upon arrival please make your way to the Plastic Camp Registration Desk where a member of the Event Team will check you in and provide you with a wristband for the event.

• It is imperative that all participants collect and wear a wristband to ensure all persons on site have been invited and accounted for in the safety plans

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October 29

Stonham Barns

Medium Ordgar See as VCal
NOTE : This event is ONLY for members of the Society

Come to Stonham Barns Park for this fantastic one-day event celebrating all things Saxon & Viking.

There will be over 15 different re-enactment groups from around the country which will descend on the Stonham Barns Showground creating a living history camp made up solely of the Saxon and Viking period – What is referred to as ‘The Dark Ages’.

Each group will give an insight into the way of life and the culture. There will be lots going on, including cooking, weaving, leathercraft, woodwork, blacksmithing, herbalists, Saga storytelling and Rune readings. Visitors will be able to participate in ‘have a go’ sessions, which will include archery and axe throwing, all handled under supervision by certified instructors.

Re-enactment displays and battles will take place in the show ring from Midday until approx. 5.30pm followed by a BIG BATTLE finale.

A torchlight parade will follow including the fantastic spectacle of the ceremonial burning of a Viking boat.

In the Barn, there will be activities throughout the day including screenings of Hollywood Viking themed films, local interest Dark Age films, talks on weaving, way of life, demos, and crafts. There will be live folk music and children’s activities including face painting and pretend shield, sword and helmet making.

The licenced bar will be open throughout the event.

There will be hot and cold refreshments and food available to purchase.

Come and celebrate the Dark Ages at Stonham Barns Park!

Members Information

A new yearly event, hoping to grow in size. Currently a one day event but camping is available on the Friday and Saturday night. Beer tent and traders onsite. Plenty of campling space authentic and plastic.

Living history encampment. Battle during the day organised by host group Wuffa. Torchlit parade in the evening culminating with boat buring afterwards.

Fireboxes but no firepits.

Note that firewood is not supplied so you would need to bring your own.

No specific dateline. This is a festival for all things Viking, Saxon and beyond.

Contact Andy Dixon (LH head of department Ordgar) at to book in.

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