The Vikings


Our Media Division

The Vikings often get asked to do film work as our kit is carefully researched and based on historical finds from our period and our combat displays are so realistic.

Due to demand we set up Action Warrior Solutions - which is now a leading agency specialised in providing historical extras, props and consultants to all sorts of productions, including film, TV and promotional events.

We pride ourselves on our authenticity, reliability and the ease of our working relationship with the film crew.

Action Warrior Solutions' reputation has been built on our extensive track record for providing skilled warriors, living history historians and historical consultants as supporting artists for many film and television productions.

see us!

Visit one of our many public performances for clients such as English Heritage, the National Trust, museums and heritage organisations.

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Become a Viking!

We have groups across the UK, Europe, US and Canada. Find the one nearest to you, if you would like to become a member. Learn how to use a sword, axe, longbow, and practice traditional skills whilst wearing the costume of the period.

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Hire a Raid!

Are you looking to organise a historical event, a community event, a school visit from a Viking? Do you need Vikings, Saxons, Celts or Normans for a media event? Explore how we can work with you to offer a visually stunning display...

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