Living History

Take a Walk Through a Viking Camp

Experience the sights and sounds of life 1000 years ago when you walk through the streets of our encampment.

We portray the life and times of early mediaeval Britain, living in tents based on finds from Viking boat graves in Norway or Anglo-Saxon getelds. Smell the wood smoke as we cook food of the period over open fireplaces. Watch as our craftworkers spin wool and weave fabric for clothing, make leather pouches and belts, use pole lathes to turn bowls and cups or carve wooden boxes and chests.

Stop and talk to our warriors and learn about the weapons they use and armour they wear. You can try on a helmet and feel the weight of a mail shirt, a shield and sword. Your children will be given the opportunity to train to join the Viking army. Watch the local Jarl dispense justice or a bishop and his court visit his followers. We welcome you to join us in this representation of the daily life of our ancestors.