About The Vikings


We are renowned for our high standard of presentation, historical accuracy and attention to detail; for the scale and impact of our combat displays; and for our extensive living history villages which present a cross-section of life in the Early Middle Ages. Visitors can move from an arena display of hand-to-hand combat or the use of the bow and the sling for hunting or warfare, to a walk through history in our tented encampment, to experience the crafts, the food and the way of life of our forebears. We have extensive experience in working for the media, with film, TV and book shoots to our credit, we supply school visitors to UK schools and we run educational displays and other historical events.

We are a family-orientated organisation which has members from all walks of life and every age group. We take part in shows all across the UK, a list of which can be found in our events calendar.

Whether you are interested in hiring The Vikings for your event, coming to watch our displays, joining as a member, or just learning more about the Viking Age, we hope to see you soon!

Museums, Static Displays, and Talks

As one might expect we are very familiar with creating interactive experiences and are happy to attend your venue to engage with your customers. The Vikings have attended prestigious launch events too - including the British Museum, Glasgow Museum, The Royal Armories, and others.

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Arena Displays

Our displays centre around arena displays of combat skills. These can vary from weapon displays, small skirmishes to large battles involving well over 300 warriors - we will discuss the size of event with you beforehand and ensure we have the number attending to meet your needs.

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Living History Displays

Although the people of the Dark Ages lived in wooden buildings, it is known they used tents when they travelled. Our Living History displays are therefore based on tented encampments, such as are now known to to have accompanied the Great Army when it moved around the English countryside. Members of The Vikings will live in these tents during the event, which will be fitted out with period furnishing and cook their meals on open fires.

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