Sat 6th - Sat 6th Apr 2024

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Viking Day, a special day alongside THE VIKINGAR! VISITOR ATTRACTION from 10 to 4 come and learn all about the Vikings and meet their traders. Entry is free to this part. WHAT IS THE VIKINGAR! VISITOR ATTRACTION Vikingar! is an exciting, interactive, hands on Viking and Scottish heritage and cultural centre, with real Viking storytellers, who will invite you into their replica 8th century Norwegian Longhouse (where it all began) and as you sit under the flickering lights, you will experience a day in the life of a Viking over 1000 years ago. How they lived, what they ate and drank, where they slept and what reasons caused them to leave their homelands. You will be encouraged to try on the replica helmets and armour and under supervision check out the swords, shields and axes. Then if you’re brave enough, meet the Gods of Asgard and receive a message from Odin himself. If you have proved yourself worthy, you will then enter the Valhalladrome where you will see a 15 minute presentation of the Vikings in Scotland, from the first raids on the Holy Isle of Iona in the year 795 culminating in the Battle of Largs in 1263. The impact they had on Scottish life, history and culture that can still be felt today. Vikingar! The best Viking experience of a lifetime. (Normal costs for entry to attraction apply see website for details -


Vikingar! Leisure Centre and Visitor Attraction, Largs, Scotland

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Ian Whitehouse

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