Secrets of the Heath

Sat 8th - Sun 9th Jun 2024

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Come to Secrets of the Heath! 08.06.24-09.06.24 Come and visit the Saxons and members of The Great Heathan Army as they travel through Wessex as skirmish with the local Saxons! If you are under 11years old, you can train and battle the warriors after you have watched them demonstrate their weapons on the battlefield! Can you beat them? When the battle is done, come and visit the village. Take a photo holding a weapon, shield and wearing a helmet! If you would like to shoot a bow, have a go at archery on our range. You'll also see all the crafts and cooking going on in the village. How did folk keep their feet warm? What food did they eat? What did they sleep on and use to keep themselves warm? What were their weapons etc. made of? How did they treat illness and injuries? So much to learn and experience...get a head start on your school projects! We look forward to welcoming you to our Living history and battle display!


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