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Spears of Andred

Group based in: East Sussex (Lewes) and covers: East Sussex

ContactTaran - Mark Bagley
Phone07989 653580

Welcome to the Spears of Andred. We are a band of Viking mercenaries whose goal is to re-enact the battles and history of the dark ages. Based in Sussex in the ancient forest of Andredswood, that once crossed the whole of the South Saxon kingdom, we recreate Viking, Saxon, Norman and Celtic battles and culture from the 8th – 11th century. Viking warfare is at the heart of what we do. From sword and shield, to spear and Dane axe; archery, javelin, sling; the song of the shield wall, the glide of the ship across the waves, and the discipline of the warrior. These skills we train for and demonstrate upon the field of battle. So join us and relive a period of our history that has shaped modern Britain. Taran – Jarl of the Spears of Andred